Product Details


Characterstics of product

Adopt PET film as base with smooth surface. It has the advantages of good shaping, uneasy deformation, good polishing effect. And it is especially suitable for high precision grinding and polishing.

Adopt PET film as base with anti-skid, durable and high strength. It’s good for precision automatic machine polishing.

Special treatment for abrasive grain and bonding. Not only with good sharpness and flexibility, but also with high grinding performance, so it won’t easy to produce deep scratches and irregular lines.

Water and oil resistant. It’s suitable for all kinds of wet grinding coolant and lubricating fluid environment.

Main Application

Automotive Industry: Engine crankshaft, camshaft;

Calendar roll, rubber roller, grinding and polishing of motor steering gear and so on.


Standard size

1.38*50m, 1.38*100m; 1.38*120m;

Can be customized in other specification.

Standard grit range:

9um, 15um, 20um, 30um, 40um, 60um, 80um, 100um.